First Grade News


Dear Parents, 

For Valentine’s Day, students may participate in our VALENTINES EXCHANGE. Valentines can be dropped off at the school until tomorrow afternoon, February 9th.  Please leave the Valentines in the basket, right outside the school office door.  They will be organized and ready for pick-up (along with other materials) by Wednesday morning. Please pick up your child’s bag either this Wednesday or Thursday so students can open their Valentines together  in Friday’s Zoom Room. 

This week is another SPELLING REVIEW WEEK.  Students will need to practice the past four week’s spelling words.  Please have your child study all the review words but only half will be chosen for Friday’s assessment.  

Just a reminder, the FEBRUARY READING LOGS that were emailed last week.  The reading goal is 150 minutes this month.  Both are due on Friday, February 26th. 

We were unable to do last week’s SCIENCE ACTIVITY so it now scheduled for this Thursday.  For this activity, your child will need six half sheets of paper and six bobby pins or paper clips.  Please cut the paper into halves a head of time.  Also a paper for our science lesson will be emailed to you to be printed out.  Thank you.

Have a great week!

In His love,

Mrs. V

Spelling Review Words:

mix, fox, wipe, hide, these, yes, yuck, book, good, fish, rush, shop, food, cool, room, just, jump, vent, vest, table, bubble, simple, handle, puddle, little, bugle

Zoom Room Materials:

Tues., Feb. 9 - Phonics 92; Math 6.10; Scholastic News “The Coolest Bears”; base ten blocks; whiteboard supplies

Wed., Feb. 10 - Phonics 93; Math Chapter 6 Review; Bible Activity ”God Gives Me Blessings”; base ten blocks; whiteboard supplies

Thurs., Feb. 11 -  Phonics 94; Science Printout (to be emailed); 6 bobby pins or paper clips; 6 half sheets of paper; scissors; whiteboard supplies

Fri., Feb. 12 -  Valentines art supplies (in this week’s packet); scissors; gluestick; crayons; whiteboard supplies

                                  HOMEWORK THIS WEEK:

Monday                   Tuesday                   Wednesday                 Thursday         

Phonics HW 91           Phonics HW 92           Phonics HW 93            Phonics HW 94

Math HW 6.9            Math HW 6.10            Math Extra Practice     SplashLearn

Study Review Words    Study Review Words    Study Review Words      Study Review Words

Read                       Read                       Read                        Read                     

P.E.                        P.E.                         P.E.                         P.E.